Interview on Day of All Saints

Interview with Yasmine Shamma at Research English At Durham

Martín, a young language school teacher in Guatemala who falls in love with his equally young North American student and follows her back to Chicago, is a character I’ve been thinking about for a very long time. George W. Bush was still president, if you can believe it, when I first started to think of Martín. My husband and I had recently moved to Chicago after working in Guatemala, and as I walked around our new North Side neighborhood that first autumn, I was blown away by the degree to which people had decorated their houses and yards for Halloween. I couldn’t help thinking of certain Guatemalans I’d known who were offended by Halloween, who saw it as a devilish business. In those same Chicago streets, I’d hear Latino lawncare guys speaking to each other in Spanish, and I’d wonder how they perceived the American celebration of this holiday. That’s how my book started, with just this seed of an idea.

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Day of All Saints: An Interview with Patricia Grace King

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